Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) provides a controlled and safe environment to gradually help decrease the intensity of stress responses to situations, thoughts, or memories which provoke anxiety or fear.

One of the unique services we offer is our monthly Fur Angels Pet Loss Support Group, open to anyone in Sheboygan and the surrounding areas who has suffered the loss of a beloved animal companion.

Novo Counseling therapists are independent mental health practitioners who have experience working with a variety of different concerns and mental health diagnoses.

Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is a form of exposure therapy. Patients are exposed gradually to specific fears or anxiety-provoking situations in a controlled, safe environment with the use of technology. This type of therapy is aimed at decreasing a high level of stress responses a person might have to situations that would cause anxiety or fear. Novo Counseling is the first practice in the area to offer VRET.

No Cost Therapy Shopping Appointment

Meet with your potential therapist without charge to test the fit of this “working relationship.” During this 20 minute appointment, no personal information is gathered, no notes are taken, and no therapy is given.

About Novo Counseling

At Novo Counseling, we are licensed independent mental health practitioners experienced in working with a variety of different concerns and mental health diagnoses. Our goal is to help you through your own process of renewal, discovery, and change. We want to help you begin a new chapter of your life in a safe, judgment-free, and comfortable environment.

In Person & Telehealth Psychotherapy

Novo Counseling currently offers both in person and telehealth appointments. Our HIPAA compliant platform for telehealth appointments is user friendly and offers a lot of convenience within the state of Wisconsin. Please discuss with your therapist which option would best meet your needs.